Haimanote Bayabil, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Water Resources 

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department

Tropical Research and Education Center

University of Florida | 786-217-9253

Dr. Haimanote Bayabil's research and extension program at UF/IFAS TREC primarily focuses on developing practical and sustainable water management practices that conserve water and improve water quality in agricultural and urban areas.


Fikadu Getachew

Doctoral Student

Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department



Research Interests

Fikadu's research interest is in detecting a proxy of drought indices from surface and satellite observations using crop simulation modeling approaches. His current research looks into the effects of supplemental irrigation and shifting planting dates to mitigate climate change impacts on sorghum production.

Kelsey Vought

Doctoral Student

Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department

Co-advised with Prof. Ana Martin-Ryals

Research Interests

Integrating hydrologic and data sciences with agriculture, Kelsey seeks to address global energy-food-water demands through Controlled Environment Agriculture. Her current research is in developing novel irrigation water treatment and reuse processes which aim to achieve pathogen disinfection, nutrient recovery, and energy savings. Kelsey aspires to bring food and water security to urban communities both locally and internationally.

Doctoral Student

Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department



Research Interests

Fitsum's research interests focus on hydrologic modeling, river basin management, surface, and groundwater interaction modeling, climate change impact studies, remote sensing hydrology, land cover change detection and scaling, and precision agriculture. Currently, he is working on a research topic, entitled “Evaporation Trend Over South Florida”.


Fitsum Tilahun

Christian Bartell

Engineer I

Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department

Tropical Research and Education Center 

   Former Lab Members


  • Abdelmoneim Z. ​Mohamed, Ph.D. (Ag Scientist IV)

  • Ashok Alva, Ph.D.  (Engineer I)

  • Reginald Nicholas Sylney (Intern)

  • Stephanie N Torres (Intern)