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Water Resources

Hydrology & Irrigation Research


The Hydrology & Irrigation Research group conducts research on multidisciplinary topics with a focus on developing practical and sustainable water management practices that not only conserve water and improve water quality under agricultural and urban settings but also ensure optimal plant growth and environmental sustainability. The group includes a multidisciplinary team with background and expertise in integrating science and technology and testing novel concepts in the areas of water resources engineering, irrigation, soil and water conservation, and surface hydrology. 


Our group employs different methodologies including lab, greenhouse, and field experiments that involve empirical measurements using a variety of ecological and hydrological instrumentation in addition to computer modeling and data analytics tools. In addition, our lab uses ground and UAV-based sensing technologies such as soil moisture sensors, infrared sensors, and multispectral sensors for vegetation mapping and to better understand the soil-water-plant-atmospheric continuum under different conditions. Our projects are supported by funding from local, state, and federal agencies.

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