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Our Publications


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Book Chapter

  1. Ghebreyesus D., M. Temimi, A. Fares, H.K. Bayabil. (2016). Remote sensing applications for monitoring water resources in the UAE using Lake Zakher as a water storage gauge. In A.  Fares (ed.), Advances in Water Security: Emerging Issues in Groundwater Resources. Springer International Publishing, New York, USA.  DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-32008-3.

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Selected Abstracts & Conference Proceedings

  1. Getachew F., C. Nendel, T. Stella, M. Berg, M. Lana, and H.K. Bayabil.  2020. Modeling Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Sorghum Yield in Ethiopia.  UF Water Institute Conference. February 25-26, 2020. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

  2. Bayabil H.K., and Y.T. Dile.  2019. Effects of Spatial Data Resolution on Hydrologic Simulations.  FL-ASABE, Delray Beach, Florida.

  3. Bayabil H.K., L. Vasquez, J. Lomeli, and P. Martin.  2019. Performance of ET-Based Irrigation Controller in Reducing Outdoor Water Use.  FL-ASABE, Delray Bearch, Florida.

  4. Vasquez, J. Lomeli, P. Martin, and H.K. Bayabil.  2019. Phase II: Fisher Island—Reducing Outdoor Water Use in a Residential Island Community.  UF Landscaping Summit, Gainesville, Florida.

  5. Bradley K., E. Williams, D. Bailey, M. Moussavi, H.K. Bayabil, A. El-Hassan, R.Awal, A. Fares, Deland Myers, Javad Barouei. 2019. Organic Amendments Influence the Rhizosphere and Phyllosphere Microbiota Profiles of Collard Greens Grown in Southeast Texas. IAFP 2019 Annual Meeting. July 22, 2019. Louisville, Kentucky

  6. Ripendra A., A. Elhassan, A. Fares, S. Woldesenbet, R. Ray, H.K. Bayabil, P. Ampim, E. Risch, R. Griffin, and H. Habibi. 2018. Soil Moisture and Nutrient Dynamics in the Root Zone of Collard Greens in Different Organic Amendment Types and Rates. Irrigation Show and Education Conference. December 3 – 7, 2018, Long Beach, CA.

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  9. Ali F., Awal, R., H.K. Bayabil. and El Hassan, A.: Developing soil calibration equation for Sentek’s new Drill & Drop™ capacitance probe, ASA, CSSA & SSSA International Annual Meeting, October 22-55, 2017, Tampa, FL (submitted).

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